Artist: Kosmas Epsilon
Title: Lovesong
Label: Plastik Park
By: Andrew Bilen | 5 March 2007
  • A: Vocal Mix
  • B: Dub Mix

Kosmas Epsilon "Lovesong"

Out Now on Plastik Park

Kosmas Epsilon has been one of the pioneers of the fantastic set of progressive producers coming out of Greece, with a collection of very impressive tracks in his discography. He is a highly adept producer, whether working on his own material or remixing for someone else. Here we are treated to his latest track on the relatively new Plastik Park label headed by D-Nox.

'Lovesong' is a dark and brooding progressive house tune with a slightly techy feel. The Vocal mix kicks off with a very electro styled synth that runs throughout the course of the track and provides the central melody. But things really take off as the bass line and an additional synth come into the mix. Both of these elements reflect the kind of sound you would expect to hear in a Kosmas Epsilon production with a fantastic combination of chugging bass on the low end and a strong bouncing synth on the high-end. These two are certainly the best elements of the track, and provide an example of why Kosmas' style is so well respected. As things carry on we are treated to the vocal samples we would expect on the Vocal mix, as well as a variety of spacey effects that add great atmosphere. Unfortunately the breakdown on the Vocal mix brings us to its biggest sticking point, as all elements drop out to make way for a heavily effected vocal solo in a foreign language. This vocal solo doesn't fit well with the track, and seems like it would provide a dance floor moment of puzzled looks. Thankfully the track eventually kicks right back in for an energetic finish. The best parts of the track are the bass and synth elements that reflect Kosmas' usual sound, as well as the effects that provide enhanced atmosphere. However the main synth line that provides the melody, as well as the vocal centered breakdown leave something to be desired.

The Dub mix provides an alternate version of the track, rather then simply stripping the other mix of its vocal elements. There are very few changes to the track here, so it certainly is not a remix but a mere alteration of a few key elements. The main melody of the Vocal mix is still present here but unfortunately missing is the great progressive bass line. Instead we are left with a heavily effected and compressed bass line that sounds a bit too messy, and makes this more of a tech house affair rather than a progressive one.
Some of the vocal samples are still present, however the breakdown is completely redone. This time around we get a more traditional breakdown focused on a drum pattern and the melody, that does a solid job of building momentum. But where as the vocal mix was able to offset the electro styled melody with the progressive bass line, the Dub mix is a bit too messy in comparison.

The Vocal mix of Love Song is a very solid progressive house track that will serve DJs well, however what I would really like to hear is a mix that combines the improved breakdown of the Dub mix into the Vocal mix. The Vocal mix is a good track, although it pales in comparison to a lot of work that Kosmas' has put out. However the Dub mix does not provide much to the package.

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