Artist: Kosmas Epsilon
Title: Hollow Rue
Label: Hatch Music
By: Chloe Harris | 6 November 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: BCML Mix

Kosmas Epsilon "Hollow Rue"

Out Now on Hatch Music

Kosmas Epsilon, a favourite amongst many, and one of Greece's leading stars delivers a strong track for BCML's newly developed Hatch Music. 'Hollow Rue' is a clever song with rubbery sounds and melodic hooks. A song that will provoke dancing a plenty on the floor, but could fit well in a mix cd too. The remix is provides by the label bosses, who delve deeper into their strange but infectious laser zaps and bassline drops for a full remix that again, hard to pin down on style.

The Original mix starts in with scratchy beats with rubbery insides. A huge bouncy bubbly bassline stomps in taking over the song while a sweeping low tone glides along the top. The tone starts changing riding up and down different notes creating a fantastic melody. The tune drops off for a moment allowing the bass to catch up, now everything bouncing along to different notes building into a massive peak. A drop off shows up as we fall into a slow breakbeat that builds as the tones drop all around it. The melodies and harmonies constantly change keeping you interested and waiting for more, as the song starts to dwindle down to just the bouncy bubbly bassline once again. A lovely progressive tune with a slight edge.

BCML's sound is hard to pin down. It's heavy and groovy but also sporadic and mental and on this remix they does it all and then some. Subdued beats start in, while high hats take the focus. A techno sound is emulated here as the bass steps in and acidy zaps and melodic synths make their way in. Bit reduction attacks the main keys when we stop up for a game of lazer tag. Zaps and flying sounds spin around each other when the bass hits back in and loads of other weirdness creeps in. A massive peaking tune that drops little bits of the original, but creates something much crazier than you could have imagined.

This is a fantastic second release for BCML's Hatch Music. Kosmas is an artist that needs to be heard and has been for many years. His talent is much more than just progressive styled music, as showcased here. BCML is truly starting to show how interesting their music really is with another strange but absolutely phenomenal remix.

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