Artist: Kosmas Epsilon
Title: Feed Me Acid / Shame
Label: EQ Grey
By: Chloe Harris | 12 November 2004
  • A1: Feed Me Acid
  • B1: Shame
  • B2: Shamepella

Kosmas Epsilon "Feed Me Acid / Shame"

Out Now on EQ Grey

Kosmos Epsilon's tracks have been busting into the greatest DJ boxes around the world, with Sasha, Nick Warren and James Holden all counted as fans. Born inthe small town of Zanthi, Greece he has taken in his experiences growing up which has helped mold him into the outstanding producer he is today. Never settling down and getting comfortable into one sound, Kosmos captures the essence of many genres. From breaks to house to techno to ambient, his productions are rich in quality with loads of atmosphere and sounds to fall into, as well as thick basslines and punchy drums with a kick. 'Feed Me Acid' and 'Shame' are two great tunes; the first being an uplifting techy prog tune, while the latter is a sexy little number featuring the voice of Elenea.

First up is the title track, 'Feed Me Acid'. Light high hats build on top of a sweet break beat until a kick steps in, and soft uplifting synths step in changing through various keys and bursting into a fat bassline. A new melody swings in growing and building into a swirling arpeggiator and finally turns into some acid. The drums pick up and travel through ups and downs and short changes, while lazer zaps fly in, and the tune lifts up again into a dramatic peak then rolls on out with the breaks.

'Shame' is a sweet and sexy tune with spoken words from Elenea. An ambient intro starts in with layers of keys, while Elenea's voice hints at arousing your brain. The drums work into a nice smooth percussive backbone, while wafting layers of lush tones move the song along. A driving bassline sets in playing with the drums, while a swirly sound rises up from a break, twisting and turning and following the vocals through changes. Last up, the 'Shamepella' is just an accapella of 'Shame' featuring Elena's voice without any sounds. You can do this up any way you want, leaving it all up to your imagination.

Kosmos once again takes the world by storm with these two fantastic tracks for the always-brilliant EQ Grey, and there's no question that 2005 could very well be his year.

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