Artist: Kolo
Title: Track One (Stereounderground Remixes)
Label: FDS Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 15 December 2004
  • A: Stereounderground Mix
  • B: Stereounderground Breaks Mix

Kolo "Track One (Stereounderground Remixes)"

Out Now on FDS Recordings

Neil Kolo has been involved in the underground dance community for many years. His tunes have been found on Bedrock Compilations and the hands of DJs like Chris Fortier and John Digweed, and his debut outing now gets revisited by the Florida outfit Stereounderground. Comprising of upcoming producers Beaumont Stanford, Jeffrey Organes and Balance Promote's own Villo Galvan, the threesome lend their own unique edge to 'Track One', and on the back of their own full length album 'Human Condition' on Purple Star Records do not disappoint.

Cool popping drums lead us into main 'Stereounderground Mix', a low bouncy groove taking off as trippy sounds start to lay down on top of the beats and voices step in concealed by a cool synth that washes over everything. Tribal drums are added creating more percussion and a shuffling drive which soon falls off into an old school sounding arpeggiator that cascades downwards. The tones carry on when the beats kick back in shifting and changing, and finally dropping out again to introduce a thick bassline that tears into the beats. Everything comes back in with a massive build and drives till the end.

The 'Stereounderground Breaks Mix' takes pieces of the original version and mounts them for a sure fire breakbeat frenzy of funk. Cool delayed beats layer with a clumpy breakbeat. The massive bassline has been cut up and stabs into the beats with a nu school flavor. The old school synth makes its way in at a break, while the voices have been cut up and gated creating a different feel. There are a lot of builds and breaks and a new sweeping synth that drops in just before the end.

Kolo's 'Track One' has been revisited with care and respect by Stereounderground, who have created two cool mixes that should appeal to the masses and dance floor lovers alike, whether they are a fan of the original, or have just come to discover the track via these new remixes.

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