Artist: Kollektiv Turmstrasse
Title: Tristesse / Heiligendamm
Label: Connaisseur Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 1 October 2007
  • A: Tristesse
  • B: Heiligendamm

Kollektiv Turmstrasse "Tristesse / Heiligendamm"

Out Now on Connaisseur Recordings

Hamburg duo Kollektiv Turmstrasse release thier newest single Tristesse on the fantastic Connaisseur Records. Christian Hilscher and Nico Plagemann formed a friendship in a shared apartment in 1999, and noticed they had a similar passion for electronic music. This led to the KTS labratory being built and releases dating back from 2004. Their music has taken on new forms since then, incorporating more layers and cool percussions, yet they still maintain that dubby depth they were known for on their early releases.

Tristess is simply a beautiful song. The intro is a delicious mix of lush synths and tiny drops of notes playing together to create a meloncholy mood. A subtle kick, warm bass and a slappy snare moves in, followed by other percussive elements which builds perfectly into a shuffle-like groove. A plucked lead synth bounces up and down keys adding to the movement and intensity, and changing throughout to hold your attention. Intricate programming and various effects challenge the lead and the drums before another layer is added. Symphonic sounds slowly fade in pulling out the lead even further and creating an unmatchable depth and beauty which stays to the end as the beats and other sounds fade away.

Heiligendamm carries more of the sound they used to be known for. A deep throbbing bass starts in while an interesting pitched up kick acts as a simple metronome. The minimal atmosphere works well with the thickness of the bass and leaves ample room for the teeny synth that follows. It's slight and airy but has a lurid feel, as it glides in lowering the mood and bringing everything into a deeper hypnotic state. Thick stabs build slowly on top of the drums and become the force that pushes it through dips and drops, before fading away to allow the bass to take center stage again as they song comes to an end.

Kollektiv Turnstrasse have created two engaging songs for Connaisseur Records. Tristess and Heiligendarmm are different styles but both carry that same depth and meloncholy vibe which seems key to Kollektiv's sound. With an increasing gig schedule, Christian Hilscher and Nico Plagemann have developed a live show that takes their style to clubs worldwide.

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