Artist: Kingkade
Title: Fools Gold
Label: Minimal Records
By: Simon Jones | 9 April 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Gene Carbonell 24K Mix

Kingkade "Fools Gold"

Out Now on Minimal Records

Alex Buchanan is a producer who has seen his star rise in 2003. In addition to producing material for this, his own label Minimal, he has formed a partnership with Saeed and Palash, with a number of forthcoming remixes for their Addictive imprint. It looks set to be a great year for Alex, and if 'Fools Gold' is any indiciation of what to expect, I might be inclined to agree.

One thing that stands out about the 'Original Mix' of 'Fools Gold' is its massive bassline which drives along with in a slightly progressive style, hi-hats and snares circling and smoothering it as the sinister string riff adds depth to the already eerie groove that pulsates away, dropping early into a mini-break where the strings slide along and a rumbling b-line emerges to carry the track to the end. A massive house monster from Kingkade.

Atlanta's 'Gene Carbonell' serves up the remix, remaining faithful to the original but increasing the tempo a few notches and emphasising the bassline with great use of drum arrangements and synth layers that sandwich it, building to a devastating break and teasing you all the way until the end. A no nonsense aural assault with a mission to rock the dancefloor.

A well rounded release from Minimal, with the label boss showing how it's done in fine fashion..

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