Artist: King Unique
Title: To The Left
Label: Curfew Records
By: Simon Jones | 17 July 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: L.E.D. Mix

King Unique "To The Left"

Out Now on Curfew Records

Over the course of what basically amounts to pretty much close on the last decade, King Unique have amassed a very respectable collection of tracks and remixes for pretty much any house label that matters. Be it Defected, Credence, Alternative Route or JBO, they've been there, carving a solid groove with their take on bottom heavy dirty house music. The natural progression - to create their own outlet for their music. Curfew Records is the platform on which they can develop and push forth with their ideas, but 'To The Left' isn't just dirty house music, it's pure filth.

King Unique's 'Original Mix' is a warbling, bass heavy opus, a heady mish-mash of snarling bass rolls, hypnotic rhythms, sirens, symbols and filtered FX. Or to put it another way, it's one of those tracks which struggles to be contained within a regular sound system. This is purely one for the big room and festival sound systems, and even then those speaker cones will get some serious tweaking and aural abuse.

The 'LED Mix' is their own reinterpretation, a stripped down mix which lets the low slung bass take the driving seat, offset by the layered rave style snare arrangements which really come into it's own on this particular mix. It may be more subtle than it's counterpart, but this twisted slice of electronic house stands and fights for it's own corner with relative ease.

'To The Left' is King Unique at their best. It could very well be the theme to their own night "Curfew Time", or quite simply just the aural definition of what they call 'Loud Electronic Dirt'.

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