Artist: King Unique
Title: Sugarhigh (Remixes)
Label: Curfew Records
By: Darren Rhys | 31 May 2008
  • A: Sugarhigh (KU 2008 Mix)
  • B: Sugarhigh (Sennh 'High On Sugar' Mix)

King Unique "Sugarhigh (Remixes)"

Out Now on Curfew Records

Having enjoyed a relatively brief sabbatical from the world of electronica, I return to find that nothing much changes. Half decent tracks come and go, the world's top DJs are still the world's top DJs and similarly, King Unique remain steadfast as leading lights in the dance music community.

You could be forgiven for thinking that a 2008 re-issue of one of the outfit's biggest tracks simply serves the purpose of keeping the conveyer belt of productions moving for their Curfew outlet. Make no mistake, 'Sugarhigh' in its original form is nothing short of monstrous, and it's pleasing to hear that these updates largely respect the qualities of it. KU's mix starts with a deep rolling beat, sucking in subtle atmospherics from the surrounding soundscape, before things pick up with a techy melodic stab and we glide majestically into the crux of the original synth. As the breakdown ensues, we are treated to the hook in its unfiltered glory riding alongside a fresh, killer bassline. This is the most impressive segment of the track for me and the sixty seconds alone almost justifies this update. Things spring back into life nicely enough and there is enough going on to carry things forward nicely to the finish.

Sennh's 'High on Sugar' Mix, is tighter and groovier, the percussion is a particular highlight and serves to drive the track forward. A fresh melodic hook in the form of some short stab bursts are where this track comes into it's own, and it's refreshing to hear a cool, lively melody in an era of electronica where many tracks wreak of self-indulgence or downright creative arrogance... plinks, plonks, glitches and twitches, I'm sure we've all heard them. Having said that, there is little doubt that this remix will have limited shelf life given it's lack of subtlety. I'm sure the substance of it's short-term popularity will compensate for that, however.

Overall, I thought both remixes were good. Neither were quite as I'd expected and there is a nice contrast between the two, making for a decent release. Both fall short of the original but it would have been terribly optimistic of me to expect anything more.

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