Artist: King Unique
Title: Lighters / Music Please
Label: Junior Records
By: Simon Jones | 12 February 2003
  • A: Lighters
  • B: Music Please

King Unique "Lighters / Music Please"

Out Now on Junior Records

From early releases on Defected through to more recent material on Junior including 'Dirty' (as Dirty) and 'Sugarhigh', Matthew Robers and Matt Thomas has been making consistent quality music, whilst pushing the limits further each time. Soon their debut King Unique long player hits hi-fis across the globe, but for now they have released yet another single of quality house featuring the tracks 'Lighters' and 'Music Please'.

A rippling, pulsating melodic bassline kicks us into 'Lighters', it's punchy kick drums and drugged out percussion dragging with increasing prominence over the bassline, building and building until a psychodelic synth line stomps over an electro-soaked groove, the occasional twisted vocal adding to the grandeur and pure stomping beats, climaxing nicely in another wave of melodic melancholy clashing head on with the heaviness like two worlds colliding in a celebration of house. We like it a lot..

'Music Please' quite simply doesn't f*ck about. It goes straight for the jugglar like the beast from the movie Predator. A tripped out percussive intro fades into oblivion and then after momenatry lapse of direction, a rapid loop based arrangement slips into the groove, building to the cut up vocals that pepper the track. Each time the 'music please' sample kicks in the intensity and atmosphere raise a notch or two, with the cooker turned up to Gas Mark 6 by the time the track hits it's climax. No slow simmer here, just pure dancefloor scorching results.

The KU boys have done it again. Forget the preconceptions that plague dance music today. This doesn't belong in any particular genre. No sir. This basically is a record that would be in the 'good f*cking music' section at your local record store. Hunt it down. You won't regret it.

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