Artist: King Unique
Title: Hinobe
Label: Curfew Records
By: Andrew Rowland | 23 May 2008
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Fergie Remix

King Unique "Hinobe"

Out Now on Curfew Records

King Unique are Matthew Roberts and Matt Thomas and shouldn’t need any real introduction. Over the last six or seven years they been responsible for no shortage of big room sounding tracks with ‘Dirty’, ‘Sugarhigh’, ‘Lighters’ and ‘Flashing Lights’. Along with these are remixes of the likes of Underworld’s ‘Two Months Off’, Las Vegas rockers The Killers’ ‘Somebody Told Me’ and Planet Funk’s ‘The Switch’. Their own label Curfew has also given them an opportunity to experiment and offer more underground sounding releases of which this track ‘Hinobe’ is the duos latest offering.

‘Hinobe’ is based around a grooving drum track and dark sinister bass riff. This is complimented equally well by dark and spiky lead lines and some fine brooding minor chord progressions giving the track any edgy feel. The arrangement is impeccable and really helps the track flow along holding you interest throughout!

Irish producer/DJ Fergie takes the track down an altogether techier route using a tougher drum track and bassline while filling the mix out nicely with snappy percussion. He filters the main riff and chord pads down to give the track a spacer feel. For me, his version is a good example of what a remix is all about, providing something different that compliments the original well while never losing sight of the original tracks main theme.

This really is an outstanding package and I was lucky enough to have heard this played by Sasha a few weeks back on a big system and it really tore the room up! Seek this one out as ‘Hinobe’ is a monster!!!

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