Artist: Killahurtz Vs Rekelektrik
Title: Weird Brother / Dont Walk Away
Label: Audio Therapy
By: Jason Calvert | 5 March 2006
  • A: Weird Brother (Original Mix)
  • B: Dont Walk Away (Dub Mix)

Killahurtz Vs Rekelektrik "Weird Brother / Dont Walk Away"

Out Now on Audio Therapy

Killahurtz strike again. 6 years ago they blew us away on Hooj with a track titled 'West On 27th', and during the middle of last year they blew us away with a track on Audio Therapy called 'Kiss For The Dying' and now return once more to blow us away again, this time for a collaboration with the Rekelektrik outfit (Lea 'Kenny Shifter Kenny & Darren Murray). This release comes shortly after the solid 'Faith Again' release on the label, and demonstrates the knack the label has for signing quality tunes.

'Weird Brother' is a chunky rock-infused number, with an array of gritty guitar riffs assaulting our senses. A heavily filtered spoken vocal echoes out from the jungle of sound and gives the composition as a whole quite an eerie feel. The dirty nature of the tune means that this would certainly rip up the big rooms across the globe. Its unique sound sets it apart from a lot of other releases floating around at the moment.

'Don't Walk Away' is most definitely intended to mess with your head. An insanely heavy bassline lays down a solid foundation for which a swirling lead sets itself up on. As the melody grows, it descends into some tricky chord progressions which give it a really drugged up feel. We only hear some tiny sliced up snippets of vocal floating throughout the Dub version, but we can look forward to the full vocal version being showcased on the forthcoming Spring/Summer 2006 CD on Audio Therapy. Whilst the track may not be as bold as 'Weird Brother', its cohesiveness and strong emphasis on structure make it my personal pick from the release.

I have come to expect a lot from Audio Therapy in recent times, and even despite my high expectations for the release, it still managed to blow me away in a similar fashion to how I've been blown away by past Killahurtz releases. With the strong diversity between the two tracks on the release, at least one track here is sure to take your fancy, and hence you really need to go out of your way to check this one out at some stage.

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