Artist: Kenny Shifter
Title: Dirty Little Self (Disc Two)
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 12 March 2003
  • A: Andy Moor's Sexy Vocal Mix
  • B: Infekt's Break Your Self Mix

Kenny Shifter "Dirty Little Self (Disc Two)"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Following on from the progressive rockiness of the Original and the twisted genius of Andy Moor's Dirty Little Dub, Baroque have comissioned this disc of remix to add futher appeal to 'Dirty Little Self', and once again Andy Moor is back in town, this time with a vocal re-interpretation, but the breaks heads amongst you out there better pay attention, because Infekt turn in a gem of a breaks mix to get you salivating..

Andy Moor's 'Sexy Vocal Mix' builds on the template laid down by his dub on the original 12" and take things on a more tough upbeat route, with the vocal sitting snuggly inside the rolling beats. Deep melodies and sub bass elements pull it all together, with a superb spiral downwards into the vocal break and then into an atmospheric yet deep finale to put the final touch to what was already a well crafted mix.

The mysterious Infekt then pick up what's left and turn it a stroke of genius, with their ballsy yet atmospheric 'Break Your Self Mix'. Melodic arrangements ride over a deep industrial beat pattern which rises and falls, dragging the vocal over a series of flutuating drops and straight into a heads down finish, that will get the purists bobbing their heads on the floor and no mistake.

A superb set of mixes, with the Infekt mix providing a unique twist to the package that will extend it's use across many spectrums and into many sets. One of the best releases from Baroque yet.

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