Artist: Kenneth Thomas Presents
Title: The Orange Room
Label: Hope Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 27 June 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Nick Warren Mix

Kenneth Thomas Presents "The Orange Room"

Out Now on Hope Recordings

Kenneth Thomas is a fresh up and coming progressive trance DJ and producer from Techno-city Detroit. Over the years, he has built a good reputation for himself with his weekly residencies, as well as his warm ups and dates with some of the biggest names in the business. Most recently he joined Paul Oakenfold on a string of tour dates in the US showcasing his talents as a warm up dj. To back up his DJing talent he's been busy creating his own progressive trance sound, and with his debut release, 'The Orange Room' we get a nice slice of what Kenneth is all about. Legendary Nick Warren gets busy on the flip, dropping the trance vibe and bringing in a low key groove.

The 'Original Mix' is a melodic proggy tune with loads of arpeggiation and a big buzzing bassline. A good kick drum starts in while a shuffle picks up and pieces all the drum sounds together before layers of notes fall down into the groove. A good rolling pogression moves the tune further along, while other synths layer in building up until slowly fading off into just sparkly notes. The kick relaxes as we ease through the break which quickly comes back into the melodic bits and buzzy bass.

Nick Warren, DJ extraordinaire strips back 'The Orange Room' into a deep and bubbley progressive mix. Kicky drums wtih a bit of crunch on the claps lay in smoothly as a sweety synth washes over bringing us deep into the tune. More layers of sound wash over dropping us into a groovy bassline that really moves and grooves. A break opens up and the arpeggiated synths come out rocking with a buzzy sound that keeps on rolling until the synths all fade away and just the beats are left. This is a stunning remix that works on the floor perfectly. It's strenghth lies in the deep spacial elements and grooves that only Nick Warren could come up with.

'The Orange Room' is a fantastic debut from American DJ/ Producer Kenneth Thomas. I reckon this is a promising start of what will come from this hotly tipped producer.

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