Artist: KVK
Title: Reality Theory / Blisstered
Label: Bedrock Breaks
By: Simon Jones | 11 June 2004
  • A: Reality Theory (Dub)
  • B: Blisstered

KVK "Reality Theory / Blisstered"

Out Now on Bedrock Breaks

From North Carolina comes the production outfit KVK, the pairing of musician and producer Gordon Carpenter and DJ Sean McClellan, whom having both been involved in the music scene in various ways pretty much for the last decade, come together to create some unique and dynamic sounds that quickly began to get recognition from DJs such as Chris Fortier, and also John Digweed. After a collaboration with the UK's Source Of Gravity outfit under the guise of 4th Orbit gave them their first taste of success, they have been quietly conducting musical experiments in their Camp Remote studio, with this two tracker for Bedrock Breaks being the first of many exciting new tracks they have to offer.

'Reality Theory' is featured on the a-side in it's stripped back dub interpretation. Warm rolling beats and intricate drums swirl around an emotional atmospheric soundscape which lingers in the background, drifting breakbeats moving through the track in reclined style, only adding to the deep, spine tingling mood that this track emits. Eerie effects float through to the surface on occasion, projecting images of outer world plains where the only thing audible is the lush ambience of this astounding track.

'Blisstered' provides a bit more punch, but still maintains a large atmospheric influence like it's a-side counterpart. However, once the bass starts weaving it's magical spell and the electronic harmony rises through with a classically inspired elegance, KVK's more musical side becomes prominent. The shuffling beats and breaks are still included, but it's contrast in style to 'Reality Theory' is enormous, evidence of the many influences and styles that form KVK's sound.

Over the course of the last few releases, it's been hard to predict what each release on Bedrock Breaks will bring, and these two tracks do a great job of steering clear of the categorization that plagues the scene, offering some deep and thought provoking music that downtempo and progressive breaks fans will just become lost in with ease.

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