Artist: Junkbeats Presents Headland
Title: Making Noise
Label: EQ Grey Ltd
By: Simon Jones | 20 November 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Alan Barrett Mix

Junkbeats Presents Headland "Making Noise"

Out Now on EQ Grey Ltd

EQ Grey Ltd is, as if you couldn't probably guess, an offshoot of the acclaimed progressive label EQ Grey in Australia. The Ltd imprint however moves away from that sound and focuses on the roots - good old house music. First up is a collaboration between Australian producer Dave Basek and DJ Phil Smart, whom as Headland cook up a rather smooth little number called 'Making Noise', with Alan Barratt (of The Producers fame alongside Tony Thomas) provides the support.

The duo's 'Original Mix' takes a softly softly approach, with warm effects and loose percussion forming a deep and mellow groove within which Coco Bootae provides a subtle spoken monologue, but as nice as it is, it just doesn't develop and leaves you wanting just that little bit more. More like making a whisper than making noise.

'Alan Barratt' capitalises on the goods though, weaving some funky keys and drum patterns into the beats, with a shimmering and sexy groove slinking it's way along in a more upbeat tempo. The whole track sounds very reminiscent of something you'd hear on Kinky Vinyl, with a soulful edge wrapping it all up tightly.

Not an earth shattering debut release by any means, but one that will no doubt find favour the traditional house heads and maybe even some of the tech house brigade. If EQ can emulate the success of their main label once again with this new imprint, then it will be one to watch indeed.

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