Artist: Joshua Ryan
Title: By Design
Label: System Recordings
By: Chad Harnish | 21 February 2003
  1. Intro / Shiftsounds
  2. Buildings Inbetween (Luke Fair Mix)
  3. Buildings Inbetween (Trap Kit Mix)
  4. R+D - Kuro (Remix)
  5. Joshua Ryan Vs Stillife - Damage
  6. Fury (Ian Wilkie Mix 2)
  7. Paul Grogan - Distrakted (Joshua Ryan Mix)
  8. Pistolwhip (James Holden Mix)
  9. Fury
  10. Yield
  11. Golan Globus - Blazer
  12. Outro / Silencer

Joshua Ryan "By Design"Joshua Ryan "By Design"

Out Now on System Recordings

“Buldings Inbetween” may just be the track that brings Joshua Ryan back to the forefront after a long absence since his last smash “Pistolwhip.” It features the vocals of Harland and is the first single to kick off Ryan’s debut full album titled By Design. It is continuously mixed CD of original Ryan productions including a James Holden remix of the track that put him on the map in 2001, “Pistolwhip.”

Joshua has demonstrated his great ability of setting the mood as he starts off with a short intro followed by the Luke Fair remix of Buildings Inbetween. This track is pure laid back excellence (think Kruder & Dorfmeister) and is superbly mixed into Ryan’s own Trap Kit Remix to bring the set into stronger rhythms. Ryan shows considerable growth and maturity in his production talents with “Buildings Inbetween”. “I try to produce very intricate, very technical music” Ryan describes of his music “with a quality song structure, serious drum work and subtle melodies that don't hit you over the head.” He has met his production goals with “Buidings Inbetween” and built a track that is very rich in flavor and emotion. His set continues to gains momentum after the Trap Kit Remix with a collaboration Josh did with fellow Pittsburg producer Brian Dietrich titled “Kuro.” With a ton of momentum and a whisper of melody, “Kuro” delivers a poweful punch in just the right spot of this set. I am hoping to see a single out of this track in the future. Other notable tracks include Josh’s “Fury” which is included with and without the remix treatment of Ian Wilke, and his breakbeat infused “Yield” that is placed towards the end of the set. The breaks backed “Blazer” by Golan Globus makes the perfect ending to By Design. Golan Globus an electronic / instrumental group he's formed with his brother, a guitarist and former member of two influential math rock outfits, Don Cabellaro and Storm & Stress (Touch and Go).

To say I was surprised by the quality of this cd might imply that I didn’t expect much out of Josh Ryan. That is not the case. I have always been a fan of his materials, but to put together a solid collection of works in this manner is tough for any artist, and Josh pulls it off. Let’s just say that By Design was a wake up call to me about the true talents of this 24 year old.

System Recordings will be releasing the “Buildings Inbetween” single in February and in March they are set to deliver CDs by DJ Icey and Dave Ralph which are also likely to re-expose the artists in the same manner that By Design will do for Josh Ryan.

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