Artist: Josh Gabriel
Title: Summit
Label: Organized Nature
By: Andrew Rowland | 2 January 2008
  • A1: Original Mix
  • B1: Christopher Norman Mix
  • B2: Dusty Kid 'Pseudotek' Mix

Josh Gabriel "Summit"

Out Now on Organized Nature

It’s been six years since Josh Gabriel took the WMC by storm with his self titled release Wave 3. Since then he’s conquered the globe with partner Dave Dresden producing a host of very successful club tracks and remixing many of the biggest names in the music industry. Most notably, with last year's debut album and its chart-topping singles ‘Tracking Treasure Down' and ‘Dangerous Power’.

For this release, Josh Gabriel joins an ever-growing list of high profile producers who are turning their attention to producing techno tracks. The result, as you would expect, from someone with such a massive worldwide profile is equally enormous. 'Summit' has been very well received, achieving the difficult feat of cross genre acceptance and achieving rotation from house heavy weights Digweed, Kleinenberg and Howells alongside trancers such as Tiesto and van Buuren. Techno is seemingly proving to be something of a unifying force for what these days feels like an increasingly fragmented electronic dance music scene.

Josh’s original is a razor sharp techno pounder that simply takes no prisoners from the very outset. A subtle but groovy bass line drives the track along with trademark techno production techniques. This all builds towards a cracking crescendo and a big drop four minutes in. A minimal drum pattern and riff kick in from here creating a brief period of suspense before soon helping the track to fire up nicely again to the close.

Christopher Norman drops the tempo with his version and incorporates slick synth pad washes and spacey FX for a more laid back big room sounding take on the track. The end result is an impressive, classy sounding house mix.

Italy’s Dusty Kid rounds off the package nicely and ramps the vibe back up again with a higher intensity mix to rival Josh’s original. If you like your tracks funky and techy this is the definitely the version for you!

This is an impressive package as we have come to expect from Organised Nature and the first taste of Josh’s solo album, which he has been busy producing in 2007 and due for release in 2008. The long player will be eagerly anticipated by many upon hearing this!

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