Artist: Josh Gabriel
Title: Summit (Remixes)
Label: Organized Nature
By: Carleton Neil | 19 December 2007
  • A: Josh Gabriel Mix
  • B: Dusty Kid 'Rouge' Mix Re-Edit

Josh Gabriel "Summit (Remixes)"

Out Now on Organized Nature

With another pair of remixes as a continuation of Josh Gabriel's 'Summit', the first single for his 2008 solo album, we are treated to another look at the track by Mr. Gabriel himself, as well as a grimy rework by Dusty Kid.

For Gabriel's mix, everything old is new again. What are now the atypical structures of old house tracks have become new inspiration. Most elements of the track are simply slowly faded in, there are no sudden changes in elevation, it is rather fittingly just a slow hike straight up a mountain.

Taking off from base camp, the track follows a plodding kick as heavy-footed as the sherpa up ahead leading the way, buffeted by windy fills. Soft chanting and a pulsing sustained synth grow slowly, like the introduction of most other elements in the track as it ascends. Here, the vocal chanting is more pronounced in Gabriel's mix compared to its filtered, stuttered use in the original; as the track stumbles upon this tribal party atop a mountainous peak, the ritual switches gears to almost full-on electro, adding the empty clattering of an 808 and some skipping, syncopated snares and hats that are reminiscent of classic work with Dave Dresden. Unintelligible singing from a melodic shaman climaxes the ritual before the track ends rather abruptly.

We get another interpretation by Dusty Kid, and things get right to the point, starting the track with hard electro-funk via fuzzy, grumbling basslines and taking a garbled vocal that had a minimal role in the original and making it the centerpiece of the track. The track is anticipatory right away, making this edit almost audience-friendly in its approach. Using less elements overall, each one thus becomes more important, and Dusty Kid makes effective of them via cuts and tweaks to build tension and create one dirty groove.

While neither two interpretations are quite as effective as Christopher Norman's remix which is arguably the strongest all-around, Josh Gabriel's mix can still move bodies and Dusty Kid's 'Rouge' Re-Edit will appeal to others in its funky, Daft Punk-ian simplicity. Should Josh Gabriel's debut artist album continue with a trend like that seen with 'Summit', then good sailing can be seen ahead.

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