Artist: Jordan Lowy
Title: Shadows
Label: Looq Records
By: Simon Jones | 16 August 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Jondi & Spesh Mix

Jordan Lowy "Shadows"

Out Now on Looq Records

Looq continues to apply the pressure, unveiling yet more new talent as Jordan Lowy makes his debut on the label. 'Shadows' is another track that's become a firm favourite amongst the regulars as Jondi & Spesh's Qool nights, and the duo themselves have taken time to provide the remix on this occasion, their first in some time.

Jordan's 'Original Mix' takes us on an excursion through downtempo breakbeat, heavy beats and subtle melodies providing the formidable intro, leading slowly but surely into the main section of the track where big bass sweeps and a haunting guitar hook enhance the eerie mood of the track, paving the way for the introduction of the main vocal hook which slides it's way through the vast atmospheric swells, and whilst there is no dramatic payoff, the sheer beauty of this track cannot be doubted, and is one of those end of night tracks that you'll be humming in your head days later.

'Jondi & Spesh' however, grab the track by the scruff of the neck and set about abusing it like a pair of schoolyard bullies. Rapid drums kick right in the gut of the groove, the shifting bass building and building, bubbling under the vocal hook and rising back up at the tail end, sailing straight into the breakdown. The bottom end drops out, sending the beats spiraling in zoned out fashion through the final moments of this peak time club mix, each change sending the dancefloor into uproar.

The original is a subtle and emotive track that makes it's point with its deep sounds and harmonies, whilst the remix is an out and out peak time bomb that will level any dancefloor it is presented to. With the last few releases whilst good, not quite reaching the level of quality that some of the earlier Looq releases attained, this is a welcome return to form that should be checked out without fail.

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