Artist: John Digweed
Title: Warung Beach
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 12 June 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Mashtronic 'White Sands' Mix

John Digweed "Warung Beach"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

As a DJ who is constantly on the road, performing at some of the world's finest clubs, John Digweed's experiences and influences are wide and varied. Be it the massive dancefloors of clubs like Crobar in New York, or the sun soaked beaches of Miami, there is a no place more spectacular perhaps, than then Warung Beach club in Brazil. There's not many destinations in the world where the transition of a marathon set is backdropped by the setting of the sun over the ocean, transforming the club into a dark vortex where the DJ within can take control, but this club is one of them. Digweed's track of the same name, his first production under his own name, pays homage to this special place.

The low end that is a signature of Digweed's work is still present, but is submerged into a bed of alternating synth lines and frequencies, creating a spacious soundscape that much like the aforementioned marathon sets, is deep, dark and builds slowly, each change bringing a different refrain of intensity, with the resonating climax compacting things perfectly.

The remix is provided by fast rising European production team Mashtronic, who's twisted mish mash of funk and electro sounds has seen them skyrocket into the spotlight over the last few months, and here is showcased brilliantly as they take control of the track in dominating fashion and turn it into a frenzied peak hour interpretation. It quickly making it's intentions clear, building towards a monstrous spiraling break, yet still maintaining it's energy right to the end. Whilst the original takes things slowly, Mashtronic head straight for the jugular, creating a perfect peak time or end of set mix which compliments the original and brings an extra dynamic to the package.

As one might expect, John Digweed has created another big track that is granted to get some major airtime and playlisting over the coming months. With additional remixes to come from Kiki and Lutzenkirchen, you can be sure you'll be hearing this track throughout the summer, from Warung Beach itself, and beyond.

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