Artist: Jiva
Title: Strange Dimensions
Label: Bedrock Breaks
By: Simon Jones | 29 April 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Dub-Mensions Mix

Jiva "Strange Dimensions"

Out Now on Bedrock Breaks

Sultan is without a doubt one of the most consistent producers of the last two years or so, so each time he's involved in a project many people are inclined to check it out by default. Digital Witchcraft much like Sultan have a reputation for creating music that works well in the club or home environment, so when Digital Witchcraft's Ned Shephard and Sultan come together as Jiva, you can bet the results of such a collaboration are mind blowing, and as this, their debut single 'Strange Dimensions' shows, it's that and a whole lot more..

The 'Original Mix' is something you can't really categorize. Rolling beats and layers of percussion wash over each other, creating a subtle tempo that bubbles nicely for the first few minutes of the track. The cut up arrangement allows the atmospheric moods to expand, encasing the rest of the sounds as each dimension of the haunting soundscape reveals itself. Hanna G's spine chilling vocal navigates through multiple tangents of melodies, with a hypnotic vibe that lures you into the beauty of this track. This is more than just music, it's art at it's finest.

Taking things firmly to the dancefloor, the 'Dub-Mensions Mix' drops the vocal and places the focus on the intricate breakbeats that cover the groove. A big atmospheric void is filled with shuffling beats, piano stabs and warm guitar hooks.The beats rise up later in the mix, the tempo shifting inch by inch, looping into a driving and emotional filled latter half that just oozes that late night feeling, and like it's counterpart, and is a stunning interpretation of the original.

Whilst this record may not be something that everyone will be able to find a way of playing in a DJ set, it's a magnificent 12" that will astound you on first listen with it's beautiful harmonies, and is a record you can play on your home stereo again and again. A timeless piece of work indeed.

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