Artist: Jimmy Van M
Title: ECI-PS
Label: Fluid Sessions
By: Simon Jones | 25 January 2005
  • A: Seth Vogt 'Siamese' Mix
  • B: Original Mix

Jimmy Van M "ECI-PS"

Out Now on Fluid Sessions

Originally released in 2000, Jimmy Van M's 'ECI-PS' became one of the records of the time period, heavily supported by every self respecting progressive DJ and subsequently becoming one of the defining records of the progressive house sound. It was this support and it's inclusion on Sasha & Digweed's much vaunted 'Communicate' compilation that made it one of the biggest singles during the latter period of the Fluid label's life, and now it's been dusted off and revisited as the third release on the Fluid Sessions imprint.

'Seth Vogt' provides the new update, drawing from the original template and generally toughening things up considerably. The moody vibe of the original still remains, but Seth makes his own mark on this classic track, adding cool synths and melodies, and most importantly placing a tough, no prisoners breakbeat groove underneath, turning 'ECI-PS' into a massive, floor destroying bomb in the process.

The 'Original Mix' is also present, and from the moment the needle is dropped onto the record it will be instantly familiar to many. A solid rolling groove takes things as deep and dark as you like, with the hypnotic rhythms and eerie melodies still holding their own. The sirens and hooks are typical of the sound that was predominant during the days of Twilo, and whilst the track does sound a little dated here in modern times, it's capable of delivering the goods as and when required.

Perhaps the finest re-release yet via Fluid Sessions, and whilst Jimmy Van M's original is beginning to show its age slightly, Seth Vogt's explosive remix more than makes this worth checking out, whether you missed it the first time around or not.

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