Artist: Jimmy Hill
Title: People / I Need You
Label: DK House
By: Antonella Sirec | 15 December 2006
  • 1. People
  • 2. I Need You

Jimmy Hill "People / I Need You"

Out Now on DK House

With the year nearly at a close, I was left wondering if there was anything remaining music wise that could get my butt shaking. While 2006 has been an interesting year in terms of unusual and varied releases, more often then not I found myself having to really dig deep to find tracks that had that little bit extra to not only pique my interest but keep it sustained. One producer that has really got me excited recently is Jimmy Hill. Having already made significant headway in 2005 with releases on the now defunct Harlem Records, with the release of 'People' and 'I Need You', he's set to further establish himself as one producer to definitely watch in 2007.

First on offer is the original mix of 'People'. Beginning with a quick stomping beat, stuttered synths and a vocal sample are soon drawn in before the tune picks up in texture with a singular growing melody. As the tempo takes a swing upwards, the bass becomes more prominent and the melody takes on a cheeky electro sound. This is only just a touch as it’s not too obvious which in the overall composition sounds great. With a change in key and another slight shift in melody, 'People' flourishes into a more then enjoyable tune. As a climactic but stuttered breakdown is heard, the main elements of the track kick back in and the tune is once again running along at an infectious pace. This continues until the closing minute when the tempo is brought down slightly before finishing things on a understated note.

I have no doubt that as a purely dance floor track, 'People' will have everyone dancing about before they even realise what's going on. Structurally, this is a very polished number that displays a certain sophistication in production technique that can often be missing from the work of producers who are relatively new to the dance arena. Specifically, this displays the talents of a producer that's going to continue to grow and develop with experience. And the funny thing is, it's not even my favourite on this release.

On the flipside we find the original mix of 'I Need You' and a tune that, for me, is a stand out. Opening with a padded beat and the sound of spiky synths, a simple melody roams overhead setting things up nicely for what’s in store. As a subtle breakdown is introduced, a deep vibrating bass springs in to take control of the composition. It's at this point that I found myself already hooked and couldn't wait to hear more. With the bass being the centrepiece of the tune, a beautiful uplifting melody lays down another facet to the track. This runs along at a perfect pace before another breakdown and then things take off for a second round. This is a sumptuous tune that's quite infectious to the ear. Things stay on the same tempo for the remainder of the tune as the varying melodies easily intertwine to create a warm and lush sound with the bass adding a touch of grunt. As the tune comes to a close the tempo drops slightly and the track finishes in a sudden crescendo of chords.

I really can't get enough of 'I Need You' and after multiple plays, it just sounds better and sweeter at every turn. For me, this is a multi purpose track that changes form depending on how I listen to it. Where there was a hint of the ethereal melodics, the bass gives it a certain underlying growl. This balances things out quite evenly and overall just sounds great. While I enjoyed 'People' very much, it's this particular tune that grabbed me and has left a solid impression on my mind.

Overall, this is a promising release from a very talented producer who, given the right opportunities, is going to continue making exceptional dance music. While this isn't breaking any new territory in the sound of the more progressive side of house music, it is however, a release that is quietly sophisticated without about being pretentious. At the end of day, dance music is about having fun, letting yourself go and just enjoying the music. This single encompasses that ideal perfectly and I can't wait to see what else Jimmy Hill has in store for us. Enjoy!

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