Artist: Jim Rivers
Title: Square Route EP
Label: EQ Grey
By: Chloe Harris | 21 August 2006
  • A: Square One
  • B: Route One

Jim Rivers "Square Route EP"

Out Now on EQ Grey

Jim Rivers creates another classy single for his third release on the fantastic EQ Grey label. The 'Square Route EP' continues on where the Restore EP on Saw left off, with its electro styled bottom end as well as its ferocious and fantastic bubbling melodic synths. This Bristol native keeps turning out the tracks, and has yet to disappoint.

'Square One' is built around a nice fuzzy kick and electro hits that build and work perfectly with arpeggiating synths. A bubbly grooving bottom end sets in while layer upon layer of slightly melodic bouncing sounds follow creating a lot of movement. They drop in and out effortlessly building into a mild intensity before falling into a break. The beats and bass fall to the back pulsing ever so lightly, while the melodic sounds are pulled into a world of delays and effects, before finally settling back into the groove.

Flip this twelve over and we get 'Route One', very similar in style but stronger on the dancefloor. A cool electro arp leads down into a heavy kick, while clicky hats and a low bottom bounce step in. More synths follow rolling and delaying again, building into a cool melodic groove that falls victim to a warm analog synthy bassline. Clever movement and changes throughout keep your ears glued, adding hats and hits here and there, while a high string tone in the background lifts it all up and into a break. The wiggly bottom end comes back in after a titillating break that builds with snare rolls and the synths.

Jim Rivers is quickly building a name for himself amongst his peers and fellow DJs. With two previous singles on Saw Recordings and Saved preceding this latest release for EQ Grey, he's yet to put a foot wrong, and at the same time has presented several tracks that are a must have and belong in your record box without fail.

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