Artist: Jerry Bonham
Title: Liquid / Grounded
Label: Vapour Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 10 June 2004
  • A: Liquid
  • B: Grounded

Jerry Bonham "Liquid / Grounded"

Out Now on Vapour Recordings

Jerry Bonham has a bit of a reputation for creating big ethereal progressive monsters, with his previous single 'Seventh Seal' on Saw Recordings being a prime example of that statement. Now after some time away from the studio he returns with another two cool progressive cuts entitled 'Liquid' and 'Grounded' on a label that knows all about big progressive tracks - Vapour Recordings.

'Liquid' is a huge techno influenced beast that wastes no time in unleashing it's fury, with an evil bassline and dirty beats, twisting and turning as the bass obliterates all the other elements of the track as it cuts through the centre, and will do so to anything else that stands in it's way, with a megaton bomb break and heavy outro that will send tremors through even the toughest of dancefloors.

'Grounded' takes a more restrained pace, but soon reveals itself to be just as capable with it's use of trippy rhythms and hypnotic stabs luring you in and setting you up for what is to come. As eerie reverb washes over the top, killer stabs rise up through, dirty radioactive sounds filter through to the surface in their wake, zoning you out and leaking you a confused and empty shell in the desolate and vast darkness.

Vapour once again deliver the goods, with two huge speaker testing bombs for your record box. It's little wonder that this is one of John Digweed's favourite labels, as their blend of big and twisted sounds are just the kind he likes to tease his listeners with, and he's done so with this on many occasions already.

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