Artist: Jeff Bennett
Title: Discoveries EP
Label: EQ Grey Ltd
By: Simon Jones | 21 January 2004
  • A: Raindance
  • B: Undivided Cycles

Jeff Bennett "Discoveries EP"

Out Now on EQ Grey Ltd

Jeff Bennett is one of the most respected house producers around, with over 30 releases to his name on such acclaimed labels as Poker Flat, Worship, Big Chief and many many more. Now that EQ have set up their own house offshoot, it could be said that it's a bit of a coup to get a release by Jeff for their label, but here he is with his latest EP, 'Discoveries'

Taking a trip through the more melodic side of house, 'Raindance' builds itself around a driving groove and a smooth sub-bassline that only serves to compliment the futuristic effects and drifting melodies that shimmer magnificently throughout. The bassline constantly evolves, changing key on occasion as the drums lead towards an epic tinged breakdown that would sit perfectly at the tail end of the set. From the moment the first chords of the melody slide in, the natural and organic progression of the track hooks you right to the end, leaving you on a euphoric high.

'Undivided Cycles' draws from a slightly more Balearic vibe, a feel good summery harmony livening things up right from the start. Tech house grooves bubble underneath, slowly pushing the track along. Bongo style drums and soft piano effects rise behind the bouncing melody, but whilst at times the track borders on slightly cliched, it's a smooth little house track nevertheless, but does not quite match up to the quality of the a-side.

In contrast to the first release by Junkbeats, this is something very different, which is hopefully a sign of EQ's desire to focus on music that makes you move rather than music that tries to be cool. However, 'Raindance' is a splendid creation of a producer very much on song as of late.

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