Artist: Jaytech
Title: Neon Void / Expedition
Label: Vapour Recordings
By: Antonella Sirec | 26 October 2006
  • A: Neon Void
  • B: Expedition

Jaytech "Neon Void / Expedition"

Out Now on Vapour Recordings

Someone once asked me if there was something in the water here in Australia as we seem to continually produce artists that have the ability to stand their own ground against the usual world class players in dance music. I laughed at the absurdity of the question but then realised they had a point. While there's nothing different with our water (other then it tastes better), in recent years there has been far too many success stories coming from these shores which can't be attributed to simple flukes. Sheer talent and hard work counts for everything and if there was one artist that exemplifies this threshold, that person would have to be Jaytech. Having already achieved a constantly growing rate of success, especially this year, his new release in the guise of 'Neon Void / Expedition' is set to garner more success and many more fans.

First up is 'Neon Void' which grabs the listener's attention immediately as it begins on a beat laden tip while overlayed with stabbing synths. This gives the track a sublime sense of need and helps to draw the melody in while setting things up nice for the very electro infused bass to kick in. Chime like effects are splintered throughout to add a whimsical element, as does the warped vocal sample. The tune moves along at a constant pace with minor key changes at varying points to heighten the ambience until the subsequent breakdown. An elongated synth helps to really punch that bass home when in comes back in play but this time with a deeper sound before swinging back into the main riff. Remaining on this melodic ride until the last few minutes, 'Neon Void' now staggers off gradually to the sound of a bare beat. There's a certain vitality to this tune that I've not heard in previous works by Jaytech which to me would indicate that he's starting to branch out with his sound. While there's still his signature sound in much of this composition, the depth of the bass combined with the uplifting elements of the melody combine to create another enjoyable release from this talented young producer.

'Expedition' opens on an alternate beat and synth pattern that gives an immediate indication as to the general feel of the tune. Distorted vocal samples are soon layered in while intertwined with a more significant synth. This sets the foundations perfectly as the main driving bass comes and takes instant control of the tune. The vocal sample and the melodic bass weave around each other to help create a very driving feel to the overall sound of the track. It's at this point that the tune really takes hold and comes into its own because you find yourself totally immersed in that bass. An atmospheric breakdown using washed synths with varying layers allows for a slight breather before that driving force kicks back in. 'Expedition' remains on this forefront til almost the end before ending on a sudden but quiet tip. This particular tune is a perfect counterpart to that of 'Neon Void' as much like its predecessor, it once again shows another side of Jaytech's musical talent. There's a constant sense of the relentless that never explodes into a full blown techno track and because of that you're left wanting more. Still progressive in nature but this time round embodying much more grunt then what I had expected.

It's no secret that I'm a fan of Jaytech's work. How can I not be? More then anything he continues to surprise me with every new release and keeps my butt shaking with every beat. While his previous works were happily steeped in a particular progressive sound, 'Neon Void' and 'Expedition' are a step up from his usual sound and herald a promise of more things to come. As I've said in previous reviews, there's more to this producer then meets the eye or is experienced with our ears and it's now that we're starting to reap the fruit of his talents. Given the direction of this particular release, the best is hopefully yet to come. Yes, one could say, I rather enjoyed this.

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