Artist: Jas
Title: Was Dust Went Scooping EP
Label: Chug Records
By: Chloe Harris | 6 April 2003
  • A: A Simply Moving Thought
  • B: Trugglin'

Jas "Was Dust Went Scooping EP"

Out Now on Chug Records

Phil Jason, also know under his moniker Chonga, turns out some sweet tribal tinged sounds. Deep and soulful, yet dark and twisted, he’s found his own niche of ninja house. Both of these tracks ooze with effects, voice snippets, and lovely sounds. His drum programming is excellent, and the way he is constantly changing his sounds, makes his tunes very easy to listen to.

‘A Simply Moving Thought’ is a very deep and smooth tune. Trippy sounds start in, as a break emerges. There’s little sounds fluttering through the background, building up the drums, as a loud sound comes over the top crashing down. A bassline pulses it’s way in, and a creepy voice layers over it, with kick drums rising from the background. The groove starts now, as a womans voice starts lightly making sounds, flowing into the soundscape well. A slight change in direction from here as things become sparse and minimal,We go into a very minimal, just the kick drum, a couple sounds, and her voice which mellows as all the drums plod along. Some sweeping sounds swim around with the drums, as the track draws to a close.

‘Truggling’ starts up with a nice delayed sound, and a high hat. The kick comes in along with a mid bass stab. The percussive stab expands into a groover, as some strange mechanical sounds start to enter. We take a quick halt as more drums work their way itno the mix, amidst a series of chanting sounds. They are very light and pretty, but have a melancholic feel to them. Voices and sweeping sounds swirl together, as the drum line holds control of the groove, before more sounds bridge the transition to the soft outro.

Jas seems to be making up his own sound. I would like to say he is part of the Ninja house trend. His sounds are nice, and his songs seem to tell a story. Another classy release for Chug.

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