Artist: Jas
Title: The Rules Of Space EP
Label: Inversus Limited
By: Chloe Harris | 13 April 2003
  • A: Crunch
  • B: The Wet Peach Dub

Jas "The Rules Of Space EP"

Out Now on Inversus Limited

Jas is known around the progressive and tech house scene. He’s been loved by big DJs all over the planet. His songs have become staple inclusions in mixes all ove the place. These two songs delve back into his deep techy sounds, mixed with a bit of tribal.

‘Crunch’ is a nice smooth tribal groover. Techy drum sounds start us up as spooky sounds enter the mix. Some claps start in, as well as the kick. A voice starts in, effected and strange, but screaming something. An eerie synth comes over the top, as we come to a break, where drugged up voices swirl around us. There are techy sounds in the background, and some synths roll over. The drums carry on, leading us to the end.

The ‘Wet Peach Dub’ starts out with a drum kick and a woman saying ‘can I have it’. She is sultry, and is making heavy breathing sounds. A smooth tone comes up over her voice. The background sounds make for a eerie atmosphere. Some tribal drumming comes in. The song is very minimal, yet is filled nicely with sounds. The girl's voice starts in again, backed by a delayed guitar sound that slowly builds prominence within the track, moving within the sounnds. As the drums come back in, the bass heads low and rumbles underneath the drum and guitar fusion that ends the track.

Jas always creates really nice mellow songs, and this is no exception. Deep and techy, but still with his tribal elements, he walks through different genres. If you like deep sounds, check this out.

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