Artist: Jas
Title: The Never Ever Then EP
Label: Inversus Limited
By: Michael Schreiber | 22 April 2003
  • A: A Cool Molly
  • B: The Sultry Jigsaw Jam

Jas "The Never Ever Then EP"

Out Now on Inversus Limited

In late March, Sandy Fox’s Inversus Limited label, (an off-shoot to Inverus) released this limited edition EP showcasing the talented production skills of the artist Jas. Of major importance in crediting this work is the fact that Phil Jason is the man behind this moniker, as well as another he uses for releases, known worldwide – Chonga.

Phil’s introduction into the progressive scene began three years ago with signing “The Carnival House EP” to Satoshi Tomiie’s SAW Recordings label. From then on, the inclusion of his tracks in the sets of famous turntable tastemakers like John Digweed, Deep Dish, Chris Fortier, Jerry Bonham and Jimmy Van M. has given him continued notoriety, no doubt aiding in the demand for him by the labels Yoshitoshi, Hooj Choons, Plastic Fantastic, Fade, Mechanism and Chug to sign Phil’s productions.

2002 allowed him to rise above the title “bedroom dj” as he began spinning throughout the US as well as abroad, including a guest spot on John Digweed’s weekly KISS FM show. And although we’re only four months into 2003, Phil has wasted no time in making his mark as someone to watch out for, yet again, already releasing Jas’ “Hitchhiking,” and “The Rulers of Space EP” along with a Chonga EP. The Ever Never Then EP is no different - the intricate grooves of The Sultry Jigsaw Jam & Cool Molly are yet another marker along Phil’s road of success.

The Sultry Jigsaw Jam
This is a deep & techy space-like trance track. The feel is similar to that of Space Manoeuvres “Stage One,” with a few sounds seeming as if they were borrowed from it, like a digital whistle-like chirp sound. This track flows along and there’s no real up & down moments, nor pronounced breakdowns, build-ups, etc. Yet he defines it by emphasizing particular samples so you’ll remember them as being at the forefront. Of note are the lush two chords that are introduced at various times throughout and seem to expand above everything else. Another prominent sound defining the track is the middle segment’s computerized somewhat alarm-like digital siren, which looms for about 4 seconds each time it’s brought in by the combination of rushing air sounds over a group of quick-paced taps & clapping, which conclude each previous 64-beat segment.

Percussion is filled with a sweeping/brushing sandpaper-like sound as well as drum rolling loops sounding like tapping on hollow plastic tubes. Underneath, a continuous droning layer of two minor keys played sequentially could be defined as being the track’s bass line. Steve Lawler has been incorporating this in his sets.

A Cool Molly
Phil showcases his ability to diversify in his productions into a totally different genre here. This one is more of a progressive house jam that’s more upbeat in nature. A metallic, glassy tapping progression makes this one very unique for it’s something usually not heard as being a track’s drum beat element. A faint saxophone echo lingers along as a deep male vocal drones phrases including “this is the moment we’ve been waiting for…” More pronounced saxophone riffs move into the forefront multiple times as well. A two-key punch at segment conclusions is followed by a two-part squeaky sample, then another one chord. It isn’t until 3:48 that a bass line is added in until the track’s conclusion, lead out the sax being played downward in scale. DJs like Terry Lee Brown, Jr., David Morales and Scumfrog are likely to incorporate this one into their sets.

“The Ever Never Then EP” is only two tracks but still it deserves the title of being a nice little package of unique diverse sounds that are fresh for spring. Phil is relentless in his pursuance of getting his complex weaving of sounds heard on the dance floor no matter if he uses the Jas or Chonga moniker. It’s becoming quite clear with his onslaught of superb releases, one after another and so closely together, that Phil’s message to us all is a reminder to save a spot for him amongst the big-boy producers we already look out for, because he’s quickly securing his position amongst them and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon!

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