Artist: Jas
Title: Static State Opera EP
Label: Yoshitoshi Recordings
By: Chad Harnish | 16 January 2003
  • A: Silver Man Tango (Original Mix)
  • B: Silver Man Tango (Envy Galactic Lunatic Mix)
  • C: Soul Doing Dishes (Luke Fair Mix)
  • D: Soul Doing Dishes (Original Mix)

Jas "Static State Opera EP"Jas "Static State Opera EP"

Out Now on Yoshitoshi Recordings

Born and raised in New York, Phil Jason first picked up music at the age of six playing the saxophone and later the drums. Now he produces under Jas and Chonga and his tracks have received heavy play from John Digweed and Chris Fortier. Jas is going from strength to strength with his releases ranging from productions on SAW.Recordings and Chug Records and remixes on Fade Records and Mechanism Records.

The “Static State Opera” EP releasing on Yoshitoshi features two of Jas’ original productions and is supported by remixes from two of the hottest Canadian artists at the moment, namely Luke Fair and Envy. If you picked up Yoshitoshi’s “In House We Trust 2” compilation last year, you have already heard one of these tracks. If you did not buy that compilation, you should have. There is still time.

Jas’ “Silver Man Tango,” is a deep house treat for the ears. From the beginning Jas delivers a deep brooding texture of ambience coupled with non-invasive percussion and a smooth bass line. Male vocals add a personally to the warm enveloping sounds of this moody track. Envy re-invents Jas’ original with his remix, taking it in a more sinister direction. His kicks hit harder and the brighter percussion takes a more dominant role. He pulls the bass line’s range out of the sub-levels giving it a more pronounced rhythm for you to really get down to. Envy’s mini break downs are exceptional with huge electric bass stabs and breaky beats. It will be absolutely exceptional on the dancefloor.

As if “Silver Man Tango” wasn’t enough, Yoshitoshi went ahead and pressed a second slab of Jas material for you, titled “Soul Doing Dishes.” The Original mix offers a strong tribal infused house essence as an alternative to the smooth laid back “Silver Man Tango.” It is a powerful track. Luke Fair tackles “Soul Doing Dishes” as the final track on this four banger. And what a banger this remix is. The bass line is sick. It throbs in unison to synth stabs causing uncontrollable bouncing to the listener. The percussion is precise and the programming sounds as if it was a live kit. The breakdown washes in keeping the chord stabs in place and switches gears on the track into a reggae style. Luke “seamlessly weaves in and out of genres” in this remix and will be a true treat to those exposed to it.

Expect great things in 2003 from Yoshitoshi. Following this Jas release Delilah’s “Be Strong For Me” is set to control the dance floor with mixes by Envy and Miguel Migs. Additionally, Shinichi has Behrouz and Chab lined up for singles to follow the awesome “Airgap” which releases early February.

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