Artist: Jas
Title: Hitchhiking (Disc One)
Label: Hooj Choons
By: Simon Jones | 23 February 2003
  • A: Chicken Lips Dub Unlimited
  • B: Streetlife Originals 'Message To The People' Dub

Jas "Hitchhiking (Disc One)"

Out Now on Hooj Choons

After a brief period out of the spotlight, NYC's Phil Jason (aka Jas) is back on the spotlight with releases on Chug, Inversus Limited and Yoshitoshi to name but a few labels. Proof if anything that his sound has developed beyond what people originally stated as being 'samey'. Phil has stepped upto the plate and proved he is more than capable of putting some solid material together, and 'Hitchhiking' is perhaps one of the best examples of his work to date.

Here on Disc One of the two discs available, Chicken Lips are first up with a stunning 'Dub Unlimited' remix, deep and trippy percussion slipping and sliding tightly over rockin' house groove that oozes funk and flavour. Add in some warm melody and the soulful vocals provided by Peter Thorpe and we have another tasty treat from the Kingsize house masters.

Spin the disc over for the 'Streetlife Originals Message To The People Dub' which starts out with some slick cut up percussion, laced with funky guitar licks. soon giving way to a deeply funky bassline and warm groove that just drifts along in laid back fashion, yet will appeal to the deep house heads out there without a doubt. The blissful melody that runs throughtout the second half is just superb.

Perhaps one of the best sets of mixes on disc of a Hooj release in recent times, if you like your house deep, funky and chunky, get down the store and snap up a copy of this now. However, if this isn't your bag, don't worry, there are more mixes to come..

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