Artist: Jamez
Title: People Will Believe (Disc Two)
Label: Future Groove
By: Simon Jones | 27 February 2003
  • A: Smith And Selway Mix
  • B: Test Pilot (Original Mix)

Jamez "People Will Believe (Disc Two)"

Out Now on Future Groove

Future Groove in standard fashion have made sure they have all bases covered, with this seperate second 12" of the new Jamez single 'People Will Believe'. As an addition to the Original and Quivver mixes of the first 12", they have comissioned a remix from the superb Christian Smith and John Selway, and have added a further taster from Jamez's album on the flipside. Read on to find out more..

In true fashion, 'Smith and Selway' get down to business, cutting straight to the chase. Deep rolling beats thunder into action from the first few seconds, building and building as the subtle atmospheric sounds of the original loop infinitely within the centre of the mix, before sliding without warning into the main melodic riff, soon followed by rising synth slides and dropping out into a laid back state of mind for the finale. Another rollercoaster mix from this well respected duo.

'Test Pilot' is perhaps once of the standout tracks to be taken from 'Dreamcatching', a big electro riff edging us in slowly, before letting rip with a tight kick drum percussion line fusing with a hypnotic house groove. Moving forward at a constant pace, deep beats and melodies add to the mood of the track, with the groove dropping out to leave a deep house reprise in the centre, with the groove rocking admidst harmonious strings which prove to be the perfect finale.

A nice compliment to the first disc, and worth checking out for 'Test Pilot' alone. However, the Smith and Selway mix of People Will Believe will no doubt turn a few heads to. Great stuff, and a nice taster of what to expect from 'Dreamcatching' when it is released soon.

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