Artist: Jamez
Title: People Will Believe (Disc One)
Label: Future Groove
By: Simon Jones | 27 February 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Quivver Big Bounce Mix

Jamez "People Will Believe (Disc One)"

Out Now on Future Groove

Jamez is producer Alex Dijksterhuis, who over the years has been producing under more aliases than a secret agent. ranging from Trancesetters and Tata Box Inhibitors to work with Dobre as The Goodmen. For the past two years however, he has been putting in the hours in the studio, working on his solo album, 'Dreamcatching', which has now been completed, and this track, 'People Will Believe', is the lead track to be taken from that album.

The odd vocal talking about how 'people will believe' floats over the atmospheric opening of the 'Original Mix', with a tasty percussive groove leading into a deep, rolling bassline that rushes along, cut up beats haulting the pace briefly. It's from here things get a little more complex, with sweeping melodies crashing upon the groove, breathy vocals oozing through to surface, with the kick drum percussion through the latter half of the track keeping the energy at a constant level.

However the gem of this disc is without a doubt the 'Quivver Mix'. John Graham once again delivers another of his fine mixes, with a trippy groove immedieatly rearing it's head as the mix gets underway, sliding synth stabs dispersing the beats, creating a deep and moody feel to the mix, with the beats left to move about freely, complimented by emotive sounds that pepper the spaces inbetween. Building slowly but surely the groove rolls along as soft melodic percussion rains down upon on the soundscape. Moody emotional stuff from one of the progressive scene's finest.

A seperate 12" sees Smith and Selway add their own unique slant to the track, so keep your eyes peeled for both a review and promos of that soon.

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