Artist: James Talk
Title: Pass The Suntan Lotion
Label: Spoken Recordings
By: Darren Rhys | 7 May 2007
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Nic Fanciulli Mix

James Talk "Pass The Suntan Lotion"

Out Now on Spoken Recordings

Spoken Recordings is the brainchild of James Talk. Created as an outlet for the plethora of smokin' tracks James is creating right now, it's fifth release comes in the form of 'Pass The Suntan Lotion'.

The track kicks off with a house rhythm riding alongside a warm sub bass, before James' trademark acid flavours flutter seductively around the groove. A slamming, twisted house number with twists and turns throughout, the track is typical of James' work in recent years, highly danceable and featuring classic house sounds. There is a trippy undertone to proceedings, which adds to the prominence of the lead hook which carries us along relentlessly. It is the central breakdown where things really begin to pick up, with a huge chord sequence taking the track along a more upfront path. Things gather momentum and elements rise and rise, before the track attempts one final assault on the dancefloor to devastating effect.

On remix duties is none other than Nic Fanciulli, one of the key players on the house scene right now. With a deeper interpretation of 'Pass The Suntan Lotion', this may be the weapon of choice for many. There are some interesting original elements to the remix, such as a constantly building house stab which leads the way while strings and driving percussion play their part nicely. The mix doesn't quite hit the heights of James' original, but I suppose this is purpose of it's existence. A credible late night stormer indeed.

Once again I find myself preparing to utter the same concluding words about Southampton's Mr. Talk. If your looking for examples of BT-esque production prowess your looking in the wrong place, but a master of rocking the dancefloor? Absolutely.

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