Artist: James Talk
Title: Get Down
Label: Saved Records
By: Nick Williams & Brandon Wade | 20 December 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Trevor Loveys Mix

James Talk "Get Down"

Out Now on Saved Records

Since the first release just about 1 year ago, Nic Fanciulli & Andy Chatterley's Saved Records imprint has been putting out great disco & acid inspired house music. Since they have come upon success under their Buick Project and Skylark aliases, the label has taken off with releases from themselves, Pete Tong & Chris Cox, Paul Harris, and The Shafunkers. James Talk provides his second release for the label.

The A Side tells from the beginning to "Get Funky!" "Get Down!. And God Dammit we are! The low-slung deep groovy bassline is chunky and thick. Filtered piano chords are added that are very artificial that make it seem more like a stab. The same type line is added as more of an ambiance in the breakdown and echoed and panned. The groove is thrown right back in and rides away for a bit. After a bit of a break, a stereotypical 303 acid line is thrown in and the percussion is broken and shifted a bit. Just when you want that groove to come back again… it does! Another breakdown comes, this time the piano is effected heavily and pitch filtered with heavy resonance. This is a very dj friendly track as the layers break down very nice and easy.

The remix comes from Britain's Trevor Loveys. As a solo producer he has had success on Freerange, Alola, and Loungin’ Records, while also making up one half of Traffik & Switch. His remix is a more broken groove techno inspired interpretation. It is much more aural and trippy than the original and effects are used much more here. There is still that electro aspect to it with an interpretation of the 303 line from the original as the bassline. This track's feel is very abrasive, punchy, and robotic. The groove switches and changes on a dime a few times and effects are used as fills between each transition. As the track continues the stabs become more rave-like, and take a more hard-house nature to it… at 127 bpm. This remix is definitely far less accessible compared to the original, and we really had a hard time enjoying this remix.

If you enjoyed this release, definitely check out more of what Buick Project have to offer. They have some new material out now on this label entited 'Watch Out For The Gnomes' and 'Inside The Machine'. Be on the lookout for future releases from James as he will be releasing two new tracks 'House Rhythm' and 'Wigglewiggleshakeshake' soon.

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