Artist: James Talk
Title: Beef Curtains
Label: Segment Records
By: Simon Jones | 10 June 2004
  • A1: Original Mix
  • B1: Fretwell Mix
  • B2: Dave Robertson Peach Mix

James Talk "Beef Curtains"

Out Now on Segment Records

James Talk's production career has been what you could call sporadic up until now, with his debut single 'Eggs Are Cute' on Nu Republic having been delayed many months from it's original release date, meaning that this follow up entitled 'Beef Curtains' is actually coming out before it. However, that doesn't matter as there's plenty on offer here, as James and his friends Tim Fretwell and Dave Robertson all turn in mixes to keep us interested.

Talk's 'Original Mix' takes us through a swirling progressive landscape, subtle sub bass rhythms and melody line that will slowly work it's way around your mind. The drums are kept to a minimal level, with floaty pads carrying the groove into the centre of the track where a rippling hook enters the equation, disappearing as the breakdown drops and creeping back in for the finale where bass is the predominant factor, eating up all the other elements as the track draws to a close.

'Fretwell' provides the first of the remixes, and as usual turns in another of his floaty progressive breaks epics. Slightly more fierce and hard hitting than one would normally expect from this talented producer, there's some superb low end action during the early going. Big atmospherics and warm melodies expand within the heart of the groove, before the beats drill back in once more, climbing to an ethereal climax amidst a sea of broken beats and layers that sound out of this world.

And still there's more as 'Dave Robertson' puts together a nice minimal interpretation which sits on the end of the b-side, drifting melodies and piano hooks being the only elements of this downtempo style mix which will work well as a set opener or overlay, with it's slick and cohesive layers capable of creating just the right mood when it's required.

Overall, a solid release from Segment, with enough diversity to ensure that most people will be able to use at least one of the mixes, and at the same time the sign of good things to come for Mr Talk, who's work is finally starting show much promise.

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