Artist: James Harcourt
Title: Tease
Label: Baroque Records
By: Darren Rhys | 21 March 2007
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Lutzenkirchen Mix

James Harcourt "Tease"

Out Now on Baroque Records

James Harcourt has been steadily augmenting his reputation in recent years thanks to his involvement with the Twisted Frequency label and support from the likes of Dave Seaman, King Unique and James Zabiela. His latest offering comes in the form of 'Tease', adding to the ever-expanding and ever-evolving label portfolio of Baroque Records. With electro house records ten-a-penny at the moment, it's with some reluctance I put this track into the same category. 'Tease' is a piece of music oozing originality, and most importantly, the ingredients to send any willing dancefloor into absolute mayhem.

The track kicks off with a tight, chunky drum sequence, which in itself is sufficient to carry the track along. Add a sprinkle of squelchiness, a huge electro bassline and stunning vocal snippets and you've got a damn tasty Original Mix. 'Tease' continues to evolve as it moves along, with the introduction of some great 303 sounds utilized perfectly. What excites me most about the release is that the track never stands still, there are always effects shaking things up or a sound continually transforming. This is not to the detriment of the piece, however, which is glued together by an incredibly infectious synth line.

Germany's Lutzenkirchen has been drafted in for remix duties, and upon first listen, this seems an inspired choice. The mix is deeper, darker and techy, and will appeal to Tobias' already established roster of supporters. Making clever use of some of the original's key elements, the track goes on a trippier journey, perhaps suited to the more serious dancefloors of Fabric and the like.

I can't praise this release enough. Electro-house has become stale of late to put it mildly, so it's refreshing to hear a track which while staying in tune with current trends, has originality and layer upon layer of utterly irresistible sounds. A great release from James Harcourt.

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