Artist: James Benitez
Title: Missing You
Label: Klik Records
By: Nick Williams | 5 March 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Derek Howell Mix

James Benitez "Missing You"

Out Now on Klik Records

The Greek label Klik Records seems to be on a roll these days, releasing a superb artist album from Dousk, as well as an outstanding remix package to boot in the last few months. Keeping in spirit with striking while the iron is hot, fellow Greek James Benitez steps up with his deep throbbing single, 'Missing You'. This Athens native may be a bit new to the production scene with only a few releases, but his portfolio speaks loads for him, with releases on Release Grooves, Plastik Park, and recently on Ready Mix Records proving that quality does not necessarily need to come with quantity. The remix comes to us from Texan Derek Howell, in the form of a trancier big-room take.

For the original, we start with filtered electronic buzzing and blubs over a beat that makes me envision the left-right-left of a marching army. A bubbling, pulsating bassline greets us and creates a much needed groove, while vocal stabs, and whisper stutters open up the space a bit more while setting the stage for what is to come. From here soaring pads and dreamy synths guide the way, with bassline key changes matching the changes in the synth line. This track is very deep and emotional as James brings together aspects of many different styles of house music to create a very dreamy, hypnotic groove that just soars.

'Derek Howell' creates the trippy, big-room interpretation to the picture. The vocal whisper stutters open the track here, while reversed cymbals, an arpeggiated synth, and a deep kick bring out a dark and trippy nature, when compared to the original. From here it keeps building and building with surreal pads and effected vocal loops and swirls that are ever changing. The first breakdown introduces the soaring pads from the original, as well as some great effected and stuttered vocal loops, that reminds me of something that Phil K would do, yet in a much more subtle way as to not break from the feeling and emotion of the track. From there, bass key changes carry the flight, as we ride those soaring pads and synths to the end.

Klik is bringing us deep with this release, and showcases a very talented producer that will be bringing us much more in the future. This is a great release for those who love the hypnotic, deep grooves that Greek producers these days seem to bring by the handful, and if that gets your blood flowing, search this release out today.

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