Artist: Jairus Miller
Title: Jester / Venutian Dancer
Label: Infamous Light Recordings
By: Jason Calvert | 13 August 2005
  • 1. Jester (Afterhours Mix)
  • 2. Venutian Dancer (Darkside Mix)

Jairus Miller "Jester / Venutian Dancer"

Out Now on Infamous Light Recordings

Just on about a year ago, American Jairus Miller released his debut Feng Shui EP. From then it has just been uphill, with remixes and productions being released on a plethora of labels, and very recently his outstanding remix of Micah's "Capable Space". This release showcases a sense of diversity in his productions, as both tracks take a distinctively different directions to eachother, with the results being very positive.

Jester is the slow burner of the two, and warms us up for the madness on the flipside. "After Hours" describes the mood well, as it would fit the mood perfectly during those early hours of the morning. The percussion occupies the low to mid ranges of the composition, and we get a tech-influenced melody riding along the top of this. Its slower pace defines a definite groove and creates a very warm atmosphere overall.

Venutian Dancer also posesses a strong groove, but this time round its a dirty groove as opposed to a more refined groove on the flipside. Fusing a unique combination of electro-rock and tech sounds, the result powerful. An electro guitar riff rides a wave through the mid ranges of the composition, and is helped along its way by a combination of dirty filtered effects and lush pads. This shows that Miller isn't scared to experiment in different sounds, which is always a magnificent trait for producers to have.

A solid release for both Jairus Miller and for Infamous Light Recordings. Miller has been making quite a name for himself lately, as his tracks are definately not afraid to think outside the square. With the large amount of progressive tunes released, this slight edge can make the difference between someone noticing your track and disregarding it as being too common. Definately a name to watch out for in the future.

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