Artist: Jairus Miller
Title: Feng Shui EP
Label: Infamous Light Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 3 September 2004
  • 1. Discosaurus (Original Mix)
  • 2. Cobra (Original Mix)
  • 3. Somnaural (Original Mix)
  • 4. Physics Girl (Original Mix)

Jairus Miller "Feng Shui EP"

Out Now on Infamous Light Recordings

Jairus Miller breaks out with a cool collection of music for Infamous Recordings. The 'Feng Shui EP' captures elements of house and techno, older rave sounds and break beats, all mixed together perfectly with a funky sass. Jairus grew up on an island off the coast of Maine in the United States, and had a love and passion for music at an early age. He started first with piano lessons, then moved into his own using computer based synthsis, and has now released his first EP on a respected label.

The first of the bunch, 'Discosaurus' has a house beat with and electro spark. A deep and spacey atmosphere builds with acid, while a washy air noise rises above with a ringing tone, and blasts off into a massive techy raved up sound. A watery groove sticks under the tune keeping it all down and funky.

The sound of 'Cobra' is rich, with layers of tech house synths wrapped up with cool beats. A fat bassline takes over after a cool intro of deep drums and spacey sounds. Watery tones lay on top of drums, smoothing over them. Looming synths sways the tune to where it wants to go, weaving in and out, and finally dropping everything into a deep bassy break. Creepy sounds and a nice melody kick back in, along with stabbing layers that are gated, and shuffle perfectly with the beats.

A tribal drum heavy tune 'Somnaural', switches moods have way in the middle to explore a trippy hypnotic sound. A sassy housey bassline steps in quickly, bringing in the funk. After a drop, cascading sounds and out of control synths, twist and turn the tune into a massive peak of building layers. A major hook comes in and controls you till the end, falling back into a tribal beat.

There’s an older trance and break beat sound to 'Physics Girl'. An old school dirty break starts in, while a creeping looming synth fades over the beats. A quick change, and the tune breaks into a bouncy kick drum with a galloping bassline. Acid takes over the tune, and along with some crazy mental effects and heavy beats, creates a surreal atmosphere of spaced out energetic sounds.

The 'Feng Shui EP' turns out to be quite a cool bunch of tunes. There's something here for everyone, from techno and house to breaks, all executed very well by newcomer Jairus Miller. The 3rd release for Australia's Infamous Light Recordings seems to be their best release yet.

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