Artist: Jacob Todd
Title: The Metaphysics Of Paper
Label: 3Beat Breaks
By: Simon Jones | 6 July 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Relisys Final Four Mix

Jacob Todd "The Metaphysics Of Paper"

Out Now on 3Beat Breaks

With a debut release on Jonathan Lisle's M Theory label already under his belt, in addition to remixes for labels such as Hellpass, Navigation Recordings and Institution Online, Colorado's Jacob Todd is quickly developing a solid discography of tracks and remixes. Already finding favour with many of the scene's key players, here he follows up with 'The Metaphysics Of Paper', his second single, and the latest release on Mike Miller and Adam Heliwell's 3Beat Breaks label, which has made an impressive impact on the scene in it's short life span, much like Jacob himself.

The 'Original Mix' pounds along, a solid groove leading the charge, with a kicking bassline locked down over the top. The drums kick hard, sinking like megaton weights deep down into the depths of the track where floaty pads and a sublime but effective melody line emerge from and turn the track on it's head. From there it twists and builds, working it's way towards a dramatic breakdown that even the much used 'Lush' cannot be used to explain, as the intensity reaches fever pitch and the bottom end drops out to bring you back to earth with a resounding bang. Or to put it another way, this hits hard first and asks questions later.

Institution Recordings front man and upcoming US producer 'Relisys' serves up the remix, maintaining the mood of the original but putting a deeper spin on things. Sliding bass, sweeping atmospherics and big bouncing beats are the main elements of this slow burning mix, the melody line interrupting things momentarily before dropping right back into the thick of things. A more restrained take on the track, but a mix that will get heads down and feet shuffling in sharp fashion.

This label's consistency rate is unsurpassed by all but a few labels, as every release has delivered exactly what was wanted, and once again, we must say hats off to all involved with this release, as it is yet another winner for 3Beat Breaks, and indeed Jacob Todd.

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