Artist: Jacob Todd
Title: Passage
Label: CP Recordings
By: Chad Harnish | 10 October 2006
  1. Jacob Todd - The Face Of Time
  2. Relisys - Grayer (Jacob Todd Intro Mix)
  3. Jacob Todd & Kelly Noland - What Tomorrow Brings
  4. Jacob Todd & Jordan Nafie - Cyclosomefuckingthing (Breaks Mix)
  5. Jacob Todd & Jordan Nafie - Shattered
  6. Jacob Todd & Jordan Nafie - Cyclosomefuckingthing (Tough Mix)
  7. Jacob Todd & Jilliam Kiggins - Cover Me
  8. Jacob Todd - No Escape
  9. Jacob Todd - Used To Be
  10. Jacob Todd & Kelly Noland - Promises
  11. Jacob Todd - Home

Jacob Todd "Passage"Jacob Todd "Passage"

Out Now on CP Recordings

‘Passage’ is Jacob Todd’s debut LP and it is also the first album project by CP Recordings. CP Recordings have been releasing a string of great singles, from the likes of Habersham, BlueRoomProject among others, and with ‘Passage,’ CP Recordings continues releasing great work, this time in a full length piece.

Colorado’s Jacob Todd has released a number of singles including “Nothing Is Real” on Jonathan Lisle’s M-Theory Records and "The Metaphysics of Paper" on 3 Beat Breaks. He was also featured on Anthony Pappa’s Balance 006 and Nick Warren’s Shanghai compilation for Global Underground. Needless to say, this guy is getting attention, and rightly he should. ‘Passage’ will provide an exceptional introduction to those of you who already don’t know his sounds.

Track 1, ‘The Face of Time’ is a solemn ambient piece, allowing the listener to melt into the mix. The Jacob Todd's Intro Mix of Relisys’ ‘Grayer’ introduces some breaks laced percussion into the set, but as the mix title suggests, Jacob is still keeping us in dark suspense for what is to come. To add a personal note, this track reminds me of a fusion between Symbiosis and Rabbit in the Moon’s ambient side project LunaSol.)

By the third track, ‘What Tomorrow Brings,’ Jacob releases the set into an ambient breaks tempo with incredible vocals by Kelly Noland. Friends who know me know that I am a sucker for these kinds of songs. This one is no exception. It’s the best on the LP in my opinion.

A close second is the eastern flavored breaks mix of Jacob Todd & Jordan Nafie’s ‘Cyclosomefuckingthing.’ This is an exceptional atmospheric breaks track.

Jacob Todd takes things a bit harder and darker with the next three tracks. Through this part of ‘Passage,’ he delivers deep bass lines and some hard acid lines (took me back a number of years) over tough straight beats.

To reintroduce break beats to the mix, Jacob Todd uses ‘No Escape.’ With its high intensity and downright sick breaks, Jacob makes a smooth transition into the funky breaks number ‘Used To Be’ and finishes off the lp returning Kelly Noland for a passioned vocal number ‘Promises,’ and finally brings us ‘Home’ to drift away.

‘Passage’ is an exceptional release from CP Recordings. This is the kind of music that I work at Progressive-Sounds for.

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