Artist: Jacob Todd Feat Kevin Clark
Title: Nothing Is Real
Label: M Theory Records
By: Simon Jones | 28 April 2004
  • A1: Original Mix
  • B1: Sea Of Time Mix
  • B2: D Facto Mix

Jacob Todd Feat Kevin Clark "Nothing Is Real"

Out Now on M Theory Records

From Bolder, Colorado comes Jacob Todd, a producer and DJ who has emerged practically out of nowhere to make a serious dent in the progressive breaks scene in the past few months. Already he has put his hand to remixes for labels such as Hellpass, Navigation and Institution Recordings, and has several singles lined up for the coming months. The first of those is 'Nothing Is Real', one of Jacob's early productions that caught the attention of Jonathan Lisle who's advise has helped it to develop into this single on Lisle's M Theory imprint. Featuring the spoken vocal of the label's own Kevin Clark, it's all rather incestuous, but when the music is this good, then who's to complain.

Jacob's 'Original Mix' is a moving piece of work that delivers it's message in a poignant but effective way. Broken beats are carefully layered in a floating atmospheric void, soon forming a solid beat driven groove that shimmers through the centre of the track. Spine chilling melodies and haunting chants provide the perfect backdrop for the spoken vocal that etches itself into your subconsciousness, guiding you through the depths of the track and into the drum laden corridor that leads towards the light at the end of the tunnel, where hopefully you will have your own answers to the questions Kevin's words ask.

The 'Sea Of Time Mix' sticks to a similar template, taking a driving 4/4 route that is smothered in ambience and. A driving bassline rolls across the depths below, with big melodies fluttering over the top, concealing the vocal as it enters slowly from the background to become the driving element of the track momentarily. Soon the beats return, the melodies pulsating as the moody climax unfolds. Finally the duo of 'D:Facto' turn in down and dirty atmospheric breaks remix that absolutely hammers the speakers, with a massive rumbling bass hook cutting through the many layers of sound that are integrated seamlessly into the groove. A killer riff and subtle drops in the latter half bring a dark and dirty slant to the atmospheric soundscape, and this is a slamming interpretation that is absolutely massive and is going to be big for sure.

Another big release for M Theory and a stunning debut for Jacob Todd, whom with singles on Within Records and 3Beat Breaks to come over the course of the summer is someone who is not only beating on the door of the scene, but has the tools with which to break it down with ease, and it would not surprise me if that happens sooner rather than later. Just remember where you heard it first.

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