Artist: JDK
Title: Phantoms
Label: Aurium Recordings
By: Jason Calvert | 18 July 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Ozgur Can Mix

JDK "Phantoms"

Out Now on Aurium Recordings

JDK was formed by the collaboration of Greek born Jose Zamora, John Ntouskos, and Chris Nemmo. Phantoms is easily the strongest work to come from the collaboration, and with a hectic mix turned in by Swedish legend Ozgur Can, it is of little wonder as to why it has found its way into many respected DJs record boxes.

The Original Mix is a forward thinking breakbeat number, with a highly infectious bassline riding the percussion. A lighter melody swims in amongst the composition, occasionally rising to the surface to make a more pronounced appearance. This is doubled by some trancier sounding effects, which strangely fit in perfectly into the progressive nature of the track. A very unique number, with a lot going for it in terms of the quality of production.

Ozgur Can's mix wastes no time in setting up a groove, with its bass-heavy foundation pulsing right from the word go. The light melody from the Original has been sliced up and dealt with by a barrage of filters which give it a very muted feel, also making much less of an appearance. Whilst the amount of energy the bassline outputs would work well on the dancefloor, for strictly listening purposes it somewhat lacks the emotion of the Original.

Another quality release from Canadian label Aurium Recordings. The artists from JDK have been creating solid productions on there own, in particular John Ntouskos under his Dousk guise. This collaboration follows in that trend of quality, and while both mixes take on a much different feel to eachother, the quality can be seen throughout both mixes.

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