Artist: J-Punch
Title: Temple
Label: CP Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 5 November 2004
  • A: Tribal Mix
  • B: Paul Lancaster No Escape Mix

J-Punch "Temple"

Out Now on CP Recordings

The seventh release for UK based label CP Recordings comes from a brilliant guy based in Washington DC named Justin Katz. Under the guise of J-Punch, he rolls out the stunning 'Temple', a feverish tribal tune with a catchy vocal and sublime bass, while Paul Lancaster remixes the tune into playful progressive tech house ditty. His remix has been supported early on by skywalker James Zabiela, as well Anthony Pappa and others.

'Temple' has a bubbly groove along with a male vocal that helps the tune move inside a phat drumline. Tribal drums start in and accompany a bouncy bassline that bobs up and down. More drums filter their way in, which a rolling groove sets in. Vocals start in and lay on top of the drums after a short break. Lush synths start to lean over the beats pulling everything together and fading off into a break. Filtered drums slowly work their way back in, while the vocals and a few new synths tweeter off and work back into the bouncy bassline with the sweet groove.

'Paul Lancaster' takes the track into a dirty tech funk progressive direction with loads of playful sounds set in some galactic funk. Techy drums start in building into a good solid house beat, while a deep and long bassline rolls in slowly and starts the groove. The vocals and chords come in galloping along through various drum changes until it stops and falls into a break. New synths enter the mellow break, while lazer zaps build and blast off into a world of funky sounds and thick bass. After the drums kick back in, a warbly synth comes in and takes the tune into a new direction until the end.

J-Punch has been making waves this year with his music, and has recently been working on an album of solo work due for release sometime in 2005. His productions are strong and he gets better with each release. 'Temple' is a fine display of what he's capable of and it shows the type of quality music CP Recordings likes to put out.

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