Artist: Introvert
Title: Things Left Unsaid
Label: Arctic Wave Records
By: Antonella Sirec | 24 January 2007
  • A: Micah 'For The Ladies' Mix
  • B: Original Mix

Introvert "Things Left Unsaid"

Out Now on Arctic Wave Records

With so much of progressive house sounding like it came off a factory processing line, it's always a joy to come across a track that while still seeped in that sound has that little bit extra that makes you prick up your ears. One such track that is giving me much pleasure of late is 'Things Left Unsaid' by Introvert. Both the original mix and Micah's finely tuned remix have got me excited again at the prospect of progressive as a genre.

First up on this release is Micah's 'For The Ladies' Mix which reinvents 'Things Left Unsaid' into a tougher affair without forgoing the progressive elements that are a staple to this track. Starting on a more melodic driven tip, distorted synths and spliced effects are soon layered over the track just before the distinct beat comes into play. One of the major differences between this version and that of the original is the various intricate effects which are frequented throughout. The main melody while a main feature is a little twisted in sound while a zippy little riff weaves in and around that very melody. While the original has a certain warmth to its sound, this version is more direct and is more about grabbing the listener's attention with both hands. From my perspective, this is such a multi layered remix because the feel of the track changes greatly depending on which particular sound wave I concentrate on. Micah's remix is firmly set in the progressive house genre but the way in which the melody has been treated and those spliced effect that are scatter throughout help to give it a slightly techy feel. As a remixer (and producer in his own right), Micah can do no wrong in my eyes and his interpretation of 'Things Left Unsaid' is a perfect example of why.

The original mix of 'Things Left Unsaid' is a sophisticated number that leans easily towards the deeper side of progressive house. This is definitely one of the better quality progressive based tunes that I've had the pleasure of listening to of late. From the onset, a padded beat can be heard but on a subtle basis as the melodic riff that gradually comes in quickly takes centre stage. Throughout, a warmer melody happily intertwines itself around a very restrained bass as minute effects like the sound of water molecules quietly exploding are hinted at but never over power the track. This is a very evocative track that allows the listener to lose themselves in the warmer folds of the composition. The gentle breakdown lends a helping hand to the gradual key change in the riff, which I found to be an interesting element to the overall feel of this tune. The real beauty to this particular version lies simply in its many subtle facets. There's nothing obvious here and there are no catchy hooks. What you get is a very mature tune that works its magic effortlessly.

As a whole, Introvert's 'Things Left Unsaid' is an extremely enjoyable slice of progressive house. The original is a subtle and alluring track that draws the listener in with its warmer overtones. The detail in this track is so sublime that it guides you in so easily that you don't even realise it. From a completely different level, Micah's remix unashamedly grabs you by the hips and throws you on a dance floor commanding you to dance until the sun rises. Both are as equally enjoyable as they are different in sound and feel. Highly recommended.

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