Artist: Innate
Title: Half Century EP
Label: Baroque Records
By: Jason Calvert | 29 July 2005
  • A: Airborne
  • B: Crashing Down

Innate "Half Century EP"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Baroque manager Keith McDonnell steps up under his Innate guise to provide, as the name implies, Baroque's 50th release. Baroque boast an extremely impressive back catalogue of singles who's quality consistency has been on target for a substantial amound of time. However, with a name making mention of their 50th release, you would expect it to be quite a standout release. In some ways, this EP does not live up to that name, but is a fair track nonetheless.

Airborne sets up quite a strong beat with a throbbing bassline which induces a positive atmosphere. A female vocal is cut and sampled over the composition, complimenting the atmosphere perfectly. The subtle overtones of the melody make for an uplifting track with the dancefloor in mind. Various breakdowns and shifts in mood keep the interest high throughout the rest of the production, and whilst maybe not breaking any new ground the mood the track sets gives an overall favourable outcome.

Crashing Down takes a darker stance, and as the contrasting titles suggest, provides a different mood to its counterpart. The underlying bass winds itself around the beats, and a similarly toned melody to Airborne floats around the midranges of the composition. However, whilst all the elements are there for a strong track, the sequencing of the parts does not seem to lead anywhere, almost winding itself into a knot. This tougher feel may have some added appeal over Airborne to fans of a darker sound, but the lack of progression slightly drags down the release.

With an impressive back catalogue from Baroque, I couldn't help but feel I was slightly let down by their 50th release. However, Airborne is sure worth checking out and would help develop a strong atmosphere if dropped in the earler stages of a progressive set.

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