Artist: Innate
Title: Baroque: In Session 001
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 6 January 2004
  1. Louis Strange - Spectre (Tarrentella:Redanka Reprise)
  2. Louis Strange - Spectre (Tarrentella:Redanka Mix)
  3. Xzique - Your Mind
  4. Minilogue - In a Deeper Motion
  5. Andy Moor Feat Liiane Brookson - No More
  6. Sleepfreaks - PHB (Director's Cut)
  7. Innate - Changes
  8. Tilt - Headstrong (Parks & Wilson Mix)
  9. Manticore - Slaves (Brancaccio & Aisher Mix)
  10. Interflow - Storyreel (Satoshi Tomiie Dub)
  11. Interflow Feat Anna Robinson - Storyreel (Satoshi Tomiie Vocal Mix)
  12. Innate - Outro

Innate "Baroque: In Session 001"Innate "Baroque: In Session 001"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Label retrospectives can be hit or miss things. Sometimes they have two or three big hits, and a lot of filler b-side mixes, or happen too early in the life of a record label. Thankfully Baroque Records shy away from the traditional idea of a label retrospective compilation for the first in their 'In Session' series. Founded at the dawn of the new millennium, Baroque Records has now been running four years with over 30 releases of it's own and another 20 on it's sister label Method Records. When you do the math that's at least 100 tracks to choose from, so to say the label had a wide range of releases to choose from would be an understatement.

The first CD is mixed by label manager Keith 'Innate' McDonnell, who's ear for sound has helped to secure the label some of these great tracks over the years, and this is evidenced by the track selection and programming on this mix. Kicking off with the haunting strings and trippy beats of Tarrentella & Redanka's reprise of 'Spectre' by Louis Strange, the mood is set for what is to come as the extended intro/mix soon shifts, building in tempo with some hypnotic drum lines dictating the pace of the mix, as Xzique's sliding synth patterns and bubbling groove mess with 'Your Mind', with Minilogue not only taking us deeper, but turning the mix on it's axis with some epic analogue strings and a killer vocal lifting the mix off the page.

Firmly in the peak time section of the mix, Innate subtly mixes in some chugging melodic grooves courtesy of occasional co-collaborator Andy Moor. 'No More', featuring the evocative vocal talents of Liianne Brookson is a superb mood builder, and here in the heart of 'In Session 01' it's presence is carefully timed and continues the trippy vibe of the last few tracks at the same time, before the melodic edge rises through as we lead into the awesome 'Director's Cut' of 'PHB' by The Sleepfreaks. This is one of my favourite tracks from the catalogue and hearing it here as it's spine chilling break unfolds amidst a sea of changing keys and melodies is a high point of the mix, whilst highlighting how this track stands up against those of today, despite it's age.

Innate's 'Changes' redirects the mood once more, going down a path where big basslines and driving grooves become the rage, almost like the beast has been unleashed. Letting it's devastating drums and snares ricochet out of the speakers, the track drops into the dark and twisted 'Parks and Wilson Mix' of Tilt's 'Headstrong', as Manticore's 'Slaves' brings a chilling and sinister edge to that sound, before the bassline kicks in and takes the mix on one final upwards lunge as we head to the grand finale where an extended edit of Interflow's 'Storyreel' ending things on a dramatic high before Innate's 'Outro' puts a poignant and final touch on things Times and sounds may change, but Baroque continues to evolve in accordance with this, and will continue to do so for long time to come.

The second cd is an unmixed retrospective of some of the label's finest tracks, perfect for those DJs who have become more familiar with the old CDJs of recent times. On hand are remixes from Sleepfreaks and Tilt of tracks by Kybosh and Jay Welsh respectively, in addition to some original material from some of the label's leading names, Quivver, Andy Moor and Innate himself. And to top it all off there's the timeless track that started it all off - Oddesi's 'Moments In Space'. A must for any collector who missed out on the label's early days and making the tracks available to a wider audience at the same time.

'In Session' showcases the range and diversity of Baroque and Method's back catalogues, whilst at the same time providing a time capsule of Baroque's life so far. More of a chapter one than a biography, so watch out for subsequent chapters of the 'In Session' series and the further adventures of Baroque and Method over the coming months, whilst enjoying this excellent mix from Innate in the meantime.

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