Artist: Inkfish
Title: How Can I Believe
Label: Acting Out Records
By: Simon Jones | 20 November 2003
  • A1: Martin H Mix
  • B1: Subway Baby Vs Martin H Mix
  • B2: Original Mix

Inkfish "How Can I Believe"

Out Now on Acting Out Records

The quartet of Mattias Lindblom, Jesper Lindquist, Andreas Hermansson and Johan Hermansson have had a big year under their collective Inkfish guise. Aside from winning Release Records competition to remix the Medway track 'Trauma' they have done remixes for labels such as Minimal, SOG and several other labels, not to mention focusing on projects for their own labels Inkfish and Acting Out. 'How Can I Believe' is the third release for Acting Out, and is the biggest on the label yet, not to mention Inkfish's biggest single of the year.

'Martin H' is up first with his own version of the track. From the first beats, you can feel the big room vibe of the mix, and as it builds up with layers of chunky beats swimming through the cavernous groove of the track, those feelings are confirmed. An electronic effected vocal navigates it's way over and under the beats, leading into a break where big riffs rise out of the groove, pushing the vocal solo right to the forefront, before spinning back into a driving finale which capitalises on the energy build up in grand fashion, whilst the second mix sees him team up with 'Subway Baby' for a big synth based electro interpretation which do the business for those wanting something a bit more heavy to use in a set.

However, don't overlook the 'Original Mix', for it's downbeat electronic groove may have you fooled that it's just a regular track at first, but when the big riffs and melodies build up, driving up and over the vocal, it becomes one of those tracks you hear on a dancefloor that makes you think "what the f*ck was that" as the next track mixes in. Not a massive track, but one that has enough 'big' moments to maintain your attention, and a nice way to wrap up the single.

Without a doubt the best release on Acting Out to date, and continuing Inkfish's current consistent form upwards even further. Next up on the label will be a track by Sven Hellfish with a rare remix by Human Movement's Marc Mitchell alongside his friend and collaborator Ian Ossia. Be sure to check it out!

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